Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 2 

It is so good to hear from Makayla.  I can sense the smile on her face.  She Has joined the MTC choir.  I think her fondness for singing the hymns began at BYU...tunnel singing on Sunday nights. They have been working on a song by Elder Bednar so she is excited to premier it for him this week.  I wish we could hear her speak Portuguese, but it looks like she is well in beginning to learn the language! Makayla is expecting to leave July 4th for Brazil!!!


There's so much I could say, where do I even start!?  So I lied, Elder Bednar is not coming until Tuesday night, but Sheri Due did give the devotional last night.  So so good!  Her main point was that gospel questions are good, and that we should be willing to engage in the "wrestle" with God, as did Enos.  No matter where we are in life, it is important to be increasing our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and of who we are.  
I'm getting so excited to go to Brazil, even though I have only been here for almost two weeks.  The MTC choir director told us that Manaus is the most exotic mission (although I think he was a little biased because he served in Brazil).  We then met a Brazilian missionary who basically didn't speak English, and so he told us through charades that we should mentally prepare ourselves for the naked natives, haha (although I don't think we will ever be close enough to see one).  I also found out that my mission president doesn't speak English, from a Brazilian custodian.  It is going to be crazy trying to adjust, but I can't wait to fall in love with the people and culture.  Beans, beans, and bugs!  

After we finished teaching our first "investigator" he became our teacher, and finally decided to speak some English.  Overall, it is an interesting situation, but we all love him!  It gets pretty hard to sit in class all day.  I want so badly to go outside and move around, but I remind myself to appreciate the AC while I can.  Our district is fantastic, I love them all.  Although as we have gotten to know one another more, it is more difficult to concentrate.  There have been many laughs this week, and I also accidentally died some of my clothes pink ... 
There have definitely been hard moments, especially concerning the language (although I can't complain).  However, I love that whenever I seem to begin to struggle, I am built up with some inspired message.  Even though the MTC can be difficult, they are always careful to build you up spiritually.  
I know that there is so much for me to learn about myself, the Lord, His Gospel, and how He loves His children.  I'm so excited!  

Here's a little Portuguese (if you can understand this excuse the grammar, I haven't actually learned that yet). 
Eu sei que Deus te ama muito!  Atraves de a expiacao nos podemos voltar a Deus, e encontrar felizidade agora e sempre.  Por meio o livro de Mormon nos encontramos direcao, paz, e fe em Jesus Cristo.  O evangelho de Jesus Cristo e oitimo!!! 

I know that God is meticulously aware of us and the details of our lives.  He is ready to bless us as we come unto Him.  I hope that we can all strive to look a little closer for His hand in our lives, and to increase our relationship with Him.  

Meu amo voces! 


Makayla's District

Studying hard? Notice the Elder in the corner with 
a sling?  He broke his collar bone while playing 
kickball!  Letting off some bottled up energy can 
be dangerous :)

Makayla's companion (Sister Rowley) is on the left.  
The other two sisters are roommates. 

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