Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 4


Every mission has an adult couple that will live in that area.  They are there to help place each missionary with a companion, help watch over them when needed, assign a specific area to serve in, a place to live and provide additional training.  Mission Presidents serve for a three year period. 
So I don't know if you have heard, but there is going to be a huge new mission president training starting on Wednesday.  I believe that all of the apostles will be there at some point, except for President Monson.  You would think that this would be very exciting for us missionaries ... not exactly.  It's kinda funny actually, because it's as if they are trying to hide all of the missionaries in the missionary training center!  They have slowly transformed our cafeteria into an auditorium, and we will now be getting sack lunches for all meals in the gym this week.  We are not allowed to go into the main area of campus, and we have been told to never "approach a general authority, unless they approach us, in which case we are to stop, look them in the eye, shake their hand, and enjoy the visit" ... hahaha.  

Makayla has just 2 weeks in the MTC, it's getting closer!
This week we are Skyping and teaching real live Brazilians! So this will be interesting ... 

Makayla and her companion were recently called as "Zone Trainers".  She says she is "psyched", because of how well she will get to know those she will be working with and serving. She also mentioned that they get to organize who will be participating in their sunday class of Relief Society and attend district meetings. 
The MTC is also doubling in size this week (I think).  We are getting 19 new sisters in our zone, and 9 elders (sister power).  My companion and I will be hosting (picking them up from the drop off curb), decorating their rooms, running orientations, and such (should be fun)! 

One thing that I really like about being a missionary, is that I am more aware of what things I need to do better and that Heavenly Father will give me the power to change.  I know that although each of us has weaknesses and discouragements, that our Savior is truly the one who can pick us up, and give us the strength to work through our difficulties.  And that is just it, things will still be difficult, but we can always find joy when we do our best, and look up to the Savior to do the rest.  I hope we can all strive to better understand His love and power, and how we can apply it in our lives.  

Love, Makayla

One of our two teachers, Irma Bennion, left us this week to go study abroad in Mexico.  It was really hard to say good-by because I felt like she was one of my moms away from home. 

Makayla still with the same missionaries...District, throughout her time at the MTC...

We also got fitted for slacks today... :( , :)  I was in denial for a long time that I am actually going to have to wear them (because of many reasons, including the fact that they are going to be hot) but if I must, then I must.  I like wearing them here (well just trying them on ) but we'll see how I like them in Brazil. 

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