Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 5

I can't believe Makayla's time in the MTC is coming to a close.  I confess having her just at the Provo MTC has been a comfort knowing she is so close.  The idea of having her going further to Brazil is letting her go all over again.  As you read her letter this week I hope you can see how excited she is and I too have felt all along that once I get to see her arrive, unpack, learn about the people and hear about her experiences it is going to be wonderful!

So we got our travel plans Friday!!!  We check out of the MTC Monday morning, fly from Salt Lake to Atlanta to Sao Paulo to Manaus ...getting there Tuesday.  Back me up, but I think the last time I flew was before 911?  It's going to be so fun, and I am so seriously excited!!!  Brazil is calling my name!!!  Our district will be able to fly together to Sao Paulo, and then my companion and I will be able to fly together all the way to Manaus.  I am also very excited to meet my mission president ... hopefully we can communicate.  I cannot believe that my time in the MTC is almost over!!! It went by really fast.

This week I have been thinking about the Atonement.  Try going through the scriptures and finding all of your favorite scriptures about the Atonement.  It is truly a miracle, that we can use repentance to achieve better character, success, and happiness.  With the Savior we can start anew every week, day, and hour.  

If you would like to know more about "The Atonement", here is a talk from an Apostle from our April 2016 General Conference...

Well, have a great week, and a wonderful 4th of July!! 

Love you all,


Makayla receiving her travel plans to Brazil!
She is way excited :) 

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