Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2 Months!

Makayla has been a missionary for 2 months now!  Not that we are counting down her time but celebrating her amazing opportunity!!!

Recently I had listened to a talk by Hank Smith about the scriptures.  He refers to a scripture that repeatedly mentions the "waters of Mormon".  Book of Mormon/ Mosiah 18:30 Maybe it wasn't a coincidence.  Maybe it was done purposely to highlight the important and sacred baptisms that took place there.  I shared this with Makayla... 

Your scripture thought has impacted me a lot.  Guess what?  The name of my zone is "the waters of Mormon".  I dug into that chapter this week!  The scriptures have become my dearest friend.  At times, they are the only things that I really understand (they are in English), and they fill me with some much comfort and understanding.  I wanted to learn more about baptism because, that is actually the first thing we teach here.  Mosiah 18 was perfect!  One scripture talks about grace,  This led me to John 15. New Testament / John 15 What an incredible chapter.  It made me cry and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  Christ invites us to abide in him 3 times.  The last time he replaces himself with "the word of God".  If we abide in the word, we abide in him.  Check out this chapter, it is amazing!

Makayla promised to write more next time.   She included pictures this week and it looks like she is doing well :) 

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