Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 8

Traveling to a different country can be exciting but also overwhelming especially when no one around you speaks your languge.  I am excited to hear about Makayla's beginnings becasue I believe we will be able to witness wonderful changes and some amazing independance in Brazil.  

     Last week in particular I was pretty homesick.  Okay, let´s be honest, the entire week was quite the quiet struggle.  But things always slowly get better, so I still think about our family often, but in a less homesick way.  
Sister Lima?...
     I honestly don´t know too much about my companion because it is difficult to have a conversation.  However, she could talk all day :)  She loves to use the words "crazy" and "freaky," and she loves to sing.  


     Manaus is a happening place.  There is always music spewing into the street for everyone to hear, and the funny thing is that it is often American music.  The other night we were walking home, and I hear that last song in the movie Greece. I turned to my companion and yelled "ooh, ooh, ooh".  I can truly see the Jungle from our deck!  That is beautiful every morning.  Oh, and the food is pretty darn good!  Brazilian Lasagna is top notch!  It´s like ham and cheese ... I think?  Secondly, juice is life!  Although I don´t usually know what fruit it comes from, haha. 

A typical day?...
     Every day we either have some erands to run, or we have time to study.  Then we go to lunch with a member everyday and share a message.  Later, we either have appointments, or just street contact and teach lessons right there because people are just chillin.  


     On Sunday, we had two families and a few other investigators come to church with us.  One of these little boys, Danelo (he is special - shaking a lot and doesn´t talk), was very happy and didn´t cry, which is apparently significant!  Another investigator, Andreu (14 and lives alone), told us that he had a dream that the Book of Mormon is true.  
     When we went to a members house for lunch on Sunday, they hadn´t started lunch yet, so they put on 17 Miracles.  And guess what!? It was in English with Portuguese subtitles!  It was the best brain break!  There is a line in the movie that really stood out to me: 

"They had no skills of frontiersman, but they were disciples of Christ, and capable of doing all that He asked." 

This reminded me that I can do all things in Christ, even if I have very little language skills.  This is the same for all of you, in any aspect of your life in which you feel inadequate.  I think that whenever we are confronted with a trail, we should see it as an opportunity to learn more about the Atonement, and be grateful for it.  This is often easier said than done, but as Jeffery R. Holland said, 

"In this Church you get credit for trying". 

I don't know if I said this in my last email, but remember it is not 

"I can´t," but "we will"

Both statements are true, but if we focus on the second, we will succeed with Christ.  


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