Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 11

Daily life…  
Today my companion and I went to a restaurant for lunch.  Sausage is Linguista, and tongue is lingua.  Well, guess what I accidentally asked for… tongue!  We had mango juice - heaven!  I also sat on our porch, peeling an orange and looking out at the jungle.  I thought to myself, “It is a good day to be alive.”  

I saw two green parrots for the first time the other day.  They were so bright & beautiful!  Wherever we go, Heavenly Father has prepared things for us to find joy in.  He is so loving and the gospel is so joyful. I wonder what you would love here?... Probably the greenery, sometimes I see little blossoms of the richest pink, the orange juice, the markets (fruit & fish) and the people.  You would definitely enjoy the relaxing atmosphere here!  And they sure know how to BBQ!

I am trying my best to he happy, grateful, feel the spirit always, learn from the scriptures (find gems) each day, love, and learn the language.

The mission…
So this week we had transfers. This is an opportunity for the missionaries to change their area of service and receive a different companion, this happens about every four - six weeks  Although, there are no changes for me and my companion, apparently our president is the kind to keep things still.  I am grateful for this, because I would feel lost without her.  Thank you, Sister Lima 

I feel that as I understand the language more - I am able to get a better grasp on the work and take on more responsibility.  It is very slow, but I think that I will grow much faster this transfer.  It is nice to have one under my belt.  
We have had 6 baptisms total!  We have baptized a few children without their parents (They were not baptized as a family).  It is difficult for them to do things like read in their scriptures daily and understand a little something, without parental support.  There is an interesting balance to the whole thing, because if they are willing, then let them be baptized but I think we need to make sure that they have a good foundation.  Many people here have been baptized one or two times into other churches.  We teach both new investigators and reactivate ...those who have previously been baptized but have not been to church in a long time.  

Often times (well let’s be honest – all times) we are facing a difficulty in life-something that makes us sad, or something we need to fix. The truth is, that’s the way life is supposed to be.  What’s important is that we choose to work hard, be happy, and improve ourselves.  And the thing is, there are usually more good things in our life than bad.  We have the power to look for the good and find it, or to grow from life’s challenges.  But we don’t have to do this alone.  Pray and look to family & friends, cherish them.  I spend all of my time sharing the happiest message, that Jesus Christ has paid for our sins and has prepared the way for us to be with our families forever!

Love you all, I hope you have a fabulous week,

until next Monday!

There are just some things we are going to have to wait until she is home to ask ...

A trip to the Manause Temple (I think)


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