Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 13

This is thus far my most favorite letter from Makayla.  Reading this letter the spirtit was so strong.  I think I am feeling Makayla beginning to settle in and begin to feel a conection and love for the people.  I am so grateful for her companion; Sister Lima.  I wish I could give her a big hug and thank her in person for taking such good care of our girl. I was also touched by Makayla's experience with her mission president, just knowing that she is in his watchful care is a big comfort. 

Estou feliz que vocês estão bem! 

I have learned a few more things about Sister Lima.  I don´t think her life has been ... easy.  I have a great respect for her.  She's actually pretty old, I think 28.  But she is here because Heavenly Father wants her to be.  She is so caring, always buying dog and cat food for stray animals.  

We actually had interviews with President this week.  My interview was great, but simple (I don´t have too much to say in Portuguese).  He is such a great man, and I know that we will always be cared for and safe with him. 

I have given a testimony in church a couple of times.  I like church here, because it is familiar (even so far away from home).  Most of all, it is wonderful when members are willing to serve and work with us.  Members are truly so important to missionary work.  And my shoes are doing well, although dirty :)  
Time really flew this week!  I am always finding more things that I love about being a missionary in Brazil.  This week we had two baptism, Milka and Leticia (8yrs) (mom and daughter).  We met them a day or two after I arrived in the field.  So it was wonderful to finally see them get baptized.  It seems that my "happy moments" here are getting happier.  

I also have to say that we receive so many acts of love from the people here (usually in the form of food or a ride, haha).  The people here have such great hearts!  For example, you might walk up to a vendor to ask him how much his ice-cream costs, and the other customer will just buy it for you :O.  

I also just want to share something I found in 1 Nephi 1.  Since it is the "most read chapter in the Book of Mormon," I knew there must be a special message within.  I found something 3 times: Despite difficulties, if we come unto Christ, we will have joy and strength (vrs 1, 13-14, and 20).  I Know this to be the wonderful message of the gospel!
Have a wonderful week!
Lots of love, Makayla

Wow, there is something really beautiful about this mural! I think I simply love the culture of the area. 

Love the day to day living!

Anyone know what this is?  I think it is a fruit...

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