Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weeks 9 & 10

August 1, 2016
As Makayla continues to learn the language here are some questions and answers about her expeirence getting to know the Brazilian culture...

How is the heat compared to our Utah summer?
  •  Funny thing is that the heat didn´t really hit me in the beginning, I think I was just thinking about other things.  Now, it is really starting to hit me.  Although September (& October) is supposed to be the hottest month, so it will continue to get hotter ... it´s hot.  I have most definitely given up looking nice and presentable.
How have you been doing with the "bugs" that we always heard about?
  •         Honestly, I haven´t seen many bugs other than the ants.  They will get in your house and everything, but it´s just kind of whatever because there´s nothing you can really do about it.  They´re pretty small.  I´ve also seen some big cockroaches.
  •      I killed this centipede the other day in our bathroom that was like 2 inches long.  I had to wack it like 4 times AS HARD AS I COULD.

How often does it rain?
  •          Not very often.  When it does, it is quick and crazy heavy.  If it rains at night ... wholy cow it is loud.

How are you sleeping?
  •          Great because I am always tired!
Has your stomach been adjusting ok?
  •         Yeah, I haven´t been sick or anything.  Although my stomach has had to adjust.

How are you doing with the language?
  •          Oh that?  The language, at least for now, is the most difficult part of the mission.  It is getting better, but very, very, very slowly.
  •      I am definitely feeling more at home here.  I feel like once I have learned the language, I will settle in all of the way. 
  •      A neighbor of ours says having a companion who only speaks Portuguees is the best way to learn the language, she should be able to understand it well within 3 months :) Just over 1 more month to go!

What is it like to have the sun setting at 6:00 pm?
  •          I haven´t thought about it, ha,ha.  So apparently it is great.

August 8, 2016

Have you witnessed anything concerning the Olympics there?
  • Yes, there are lots of little market/ shops along the street, where there are t.v.'s.  They are also in member´s homes as well, so I have caught glimpses of the Olympics.  Honestly, I am dying to sit and watch them, I love them so much!!! Remember watching them on vacation ... in Tahoe I think?  The Amazon is pretty cool. 

 Are you getting along ok with money?

  • I spent 10 Reais (1 Brazilian dollar to .32 US Dollar) with my credit card this week.  I wanted to tell you so that you know it was me.  I have tried getting cash out of the machines at the bank with my credit card, but it hasn´t been working.  Should I be able to? 

Let me tell you a little about the food.  
  • Everyone drinks out of tiny cups ... always.  Sometimes they give my companion and I one cup to share (if the family is pretty poor).  At lunch, we always drink Guarana (Baréor juice (I love both).  There is always (as you know) rice, noodles, and meat.  Usually if the family has a good amount of money, they might have a salad (otherwise it is fruit).  The food is honestly so delicious, and there is always more than plently.  We also get fed cake ... a lot.  It is always in the form of a bunt cake, with sweet’n condensed milk. 

Fun Fact: The Baré soda (guarana flavor), was named after the tribe of Indians Barés, in the region of Manaus.

My favorite fruit is cupuaçu!


They are crazy about Açaí  and Coke. 

Makayla closes with this final thought... I know that going to a country different than all you have ever known and with a lanuage that is spoken all around you and you don't understand must surely be difficult but I have faith that she truly wouldn't be there unless a loveing Heavenly Father has a beautiful and meaningful purpose for her.  I also know she has a strong heart, mind and faith - she will adjust and thrive!
In the beginning of the mission, it was tricky for me to want to be in Brazil.  This was because things were so different, and I felt lonely because I couldn´t speak to anyone.  But now, I am more comfortable, and I want to stay because I know what great things are to come.  I can see them coming, and I wouldn´t want to miss them.  Love you lots!


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