Monday, September 26, 2016

Month 4!

Time for transfers again.  Every 6 weeks missionaries can be reassigned within their mission...  
Sooo ... Sister Lima is headed for Acre to be the Sister Training leader of the Zone there.  I get to hold down the fort ... and train a new sister from the MTC ... :O.  Let´s just say that I am about to learn a million things at once!  Luckily she speaks Portuguese, though.  I got your package today!  It was just in time to give Sister Lima her toothpaste, haha.  It was sad to say goodbye, she will always be my mom on the mission.  

Now I get to wait with other sisters who will train until Wednesday when the new sisters will arrive.  We get to go to the temple and everything with them!  This is going to stretch me like crazy, but I am actually very grateful for just that.  I look forward to growing in many ways (the language, people skills, faith, etc.).

WOW!!! So early in Makayla's mission & soooo much responsibility.  You've got this Makayla!  We sent Makayla a package just a couple of weeks ago, a letter takes about 3 weeks.  We wanted to do something nice for Sister Lima who took such good care of Makayla and got her acclimated to her mission.  We sent her some requested "American" toothpaste and other fun little snacks. I am so grateful it got there before she was transfered!

We had a baptism this week (our last week together).  We had invited Jhonaton to be baptized before, but he declined because he was waiting for the right time.  But we knew that he knew the gospel to be true.  We brought the Elders to his house on Saturday to chat/conduct an interview.  Afterward, he told us that he still wanted a little time to pray about what he should do.  We had some juice, and before we left he made up his mind.  He wanted to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is one of those people who truly loves seeking knowledge, and I really think that he will be strong in the gospel. 

Makayla, do you have any advice for someone who may be preparing to serve a mission? 

My advice is to learn to love the scriptures, how to study them, how to be happy in any situation, and how to follow the spirit.  I once heard a sister say this, and it couldn't be more true.  
Love you lots and lots!

p.s. I will send lots of pics next week. 

p.s.s. Is time going fast for you, it is for me.   

Ha! Time seems to normally be passing by.  I also would never wish this time away for I know what an amazing experience this is for her and a blessing to the people of Brazil.  I love being Makayla's mom and witnessing her mission.  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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