Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 14

 Daily Living in Manaus... 

Something funny that happened this week:
We were eating dinner when a 2 inch cockroach with a 2 inch antenna ran into our house!  My companion threw her flip flop at it, and it ran into our bedroom ("oh great!").  I knew we had to capture it and let it go, because everybody says that they don´t die easily.  So we went on a cockroach hunt ... that was fun, haha.  

Also, my companion found my used toothpaste in the trashcan, cut the bottom off, stuck her toothbrush inside to scrape out the remaining toothpaste, and tried it for herself.  She told me this while she was brushing her teeth, and asked if you would include some more in a package if you ever send one.  I laughed so hard!!!
I am so grateful they can communicate, hooray Makayla! We shall send some right away!

I love reminding myself just how neat it is to be serving a mission.  To be learning another language, and to be fully participating in the greatest work!  We watched the video "Missionary Work and The Atonement" (the name is something like that).  It is wonderful, you should check it out.  Learning about the Atonement is truly a life long pursuit, and if we want to know the Savior we have to strive to be like Him.  I just want to bear a simple testimony that he lives, that the Atonement is perfect and complete, and because of it we have reason to rejoice in every aspect of our lives.  

Love you lots and lots!

P.S.  If we have an unexpected temple trip during the week, my p-day will be moved.  We get to go once a transfer!  So, if for some reason, I don´t email, know that I´m just going to the temple.  We got word that yes she will be going to the temple next Monday.  Her p-day has been moved to that following Wednesday. 


Streets of Manaus

Makayla's companion Sister Lima standing in front of their appartment.  They are on the second floor. 

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