Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week 15

Makayla shared a while back that she was concerned about people who are baptized and then may not remain active, espically if they were without the support of other family members.   

   Sister Lima and I have thought about organizing an activity, but haven´t thought of anything yet (It´s actually really hard to balance everything that we have to do).  However, we most definitely do follow-up lessons after baptism.  We also end up pretty sweaty Sunday mornings, trying to bring everyone to church!  

Fasting - as a general rule we at church fast the first Sunday of the month...for a period of 2 meals with a purpose in mind along with prayer.  It is a special focus on a need that we ourselves have or for a loved one.

   I want to talk a little bit about fasting.  Before the mission, fasting was ... not my favorite thing :)  But, my testimony of fasting is really starting to take root.  Some of the other missionaries have told me stories of fasting miracles.  So, I wanted to gain this witness too.  The goal for our mission is actually to fast every week.  This isn´t easy in the sun (we are in the hottest month of the year), and our area/walking distance is actually pretty big with hills.   Yet, I´ve actually come to look forward to fasting.  This is because I can see where we truly have need of the power of God on our side.  This week we fasted, and guess what came of it?  One investigator who we have been working with the entire time (her baptism fell through before), called us and asked to be baptized!!!  We also brought a new investigator to church, and afterward he asked if we could teach him about tithing because he wants to pay it ... :O!!!! My testimony of fasting, and all other sacrifices on our part, has skyrocketed.  Big sacrifices bring big blessings.  


   Also, we met some "jungle hippies", I guess?  They were just chillin on the street, selling their "crafts" (some pretty wild looking stuff).  One of them decided to make us a gift to remember him by, and I´ve attatched a picture.  They were covered in animal tatoos, had snake skin bags, teeth/horn piercings, etc.  No worries though, we were in the big city, with lots of other people.  
Love you, lots! and lots and lots!

More of the exotic foods of Brazil!

Cashew Apple...It has an unusual flavor that is popular as a juice. The top of the fruit has the cashew nut inside. The fruit itself has much more vitamin C than an orange but can be astringent. Usually people put the whole fruit in their mouth, holding onto the end, and suck the juice out; once the fruit becomes soft, it can be eaten if it’s not too astringent.

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