Thursday, October 20, 2016


20 Weeks 
Can we give a big CHEER for Sister Long!!!

Hot, how hot is it? 
It has been super hot lately, and no it does not cool down much at night.  Sometimes I just have to laugh at how hot it is.  Our bathroom is like a sauna, haha.  I´m like brushing my teeth and dripping with sweat.  I took out a little more (money) to buy some perfume (I´m always so sweaty, I need to smell good).   But ... tudo bem!!!

Makayla hasn't said much concerning the bugs.  With "Zika" in the news this past year we were so mindful about the bugs and imagined it would be a major concern.   In fact she was issued a pair of slacks to take with her before she left the MTC.  She has choosen to not wear them, claiming it is too hot.  I asked Makayla recently about it and she said she is putting bug spray on twice a day.  Worried that she would soon be running low on supply I asked if I could send her more? She is so low-key about it that I believe if we do all we can the Lord will provide and protect us the rest of the way even in the simplest of concerns. 
I´m wearing my bug spray everyday, but I can buy it here, so you don´t need to send any.  

For those of us back home it is hard for us to imagine how you continue to fill time day after day on a mission...
Honestly I don't have time to be bored. Yes, things are busy, busy.  We are finding people to teach, and we taught the team again. (A young mens soccer team)  Not all of them came back, but I was impressed with those who did.  We will see them again on Saturday.   

This week I was reflecting back on how I grew like 10 ft the first week of this transfer.  I am so grateful for the times that Heavenly Father decides to stretch us (and he will without doubt).  I only hope that I can continue to ride the wave of growth and improvement, haha.  In 1 Nephi 19:6 it talks about the value of the Book of Mormon, yet the weakness of those who wrote it.  I know that through the help of Christ, we can accomplish all that is good and important.  We only need to recognize the need for His help, and seek it through prayer and faith.  

Images found on Google...

This week I ate Jaca.  It was the saddest thing that I did not have my camera with me.  It is the fruit of some alien planet.  I think it was like 2x1 ft.  The member just tore it open with his bare hands.  It almost looked like chicken, and tasted like banana / orange something I don´t know.  (I also hear it tastes like bubblegum!) It had these huge seeds, and you eat the "flesh" around it.  Bizar!!!

We have a new ward mission leader, and I think we will do a lot of good with his help!!!  I think it should be a good week, and I hope that you all have a marvelous one too!
Love Makayla

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