Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 18

Every 6 months the Prophet, apostles and other church leaders teach us through talks.  It is a special time that we look forward to.  I wondered how Makayla would get to watch this from another country?
I have to tell you that I didn´t get a bunch out of general conference, because it was all in Portuguese!  
Makayla serves in the boundaries of two wards.  One of the Bishops has a wife who is learning English, she and I were able to communicate through face book. It was such a treat to talk with someone from Brazil...Makayla is also shifting in responsibility from taking a back seat to taking a lead & speaking the language more! 
Dayanna Martel is like our mission Mom, that is so cool that you are communicating.  Because Sister Lima could hold her own conversation, haha, I didn´t talk all that much previously when we were with Dayanna and the Bishop.  So then all of a sudden, I am leading the conversations (with the gift of tongues of course).  This was kind of a funny switch for them I think, and a surprise.  I will start by saying that I have already grown in leaps and bounds this week.  My companion from the MTC and one other Sister that also has 4 months are training too. 

Makayla is one of three new trainers, they have just received their new companions who have just arrived from the MTC! (The Sister in the light blue top was Makayla's companion during her time at the MTC- how neat for them to be able meet up in the same mission again!!)
Makayla's first week training!...
I think that President likes to do it this way because we are "young" and still animated.  I am so grateful to say that I was blessed with enough faith and peace to go to work with confidence this week.  I kept thinking to myself, "I cannot believe what I am doing!"  It was a good week, and Sister Justino is such a cutie.
Makayla's new companion, Sister Justino
I know that she is ready to work hard, and I sure hope that we can do a lot of good.  We met this guy at the bus platform, and shared a brief message with him.  He said, "Can I ask a question? Were you baptized ... that´s cool because my church doesn´t baptize."  Yes!!!  I´m sure grateful to be experiencing so much.  I know that Christ lives, and that he has a perfect plan for each one of us, and our families.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Lots of Love Makayla.  

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