Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 21

Here is a little information about Makayla's companionSister Justino
My companion is from a place near São Paulo.  She is twenty, and worked a little as a secretary before the mission.  Her family members are members of the church, and she has a sister on a mission in Brazil as well.  She´s really sweet and we get along well.  

Teaching Experiences...
We had a neat experience with one investigator this week.  He wanted to receive an answer about our message through a dream.  Well, he hadn´t received anything, so we talked with him about the spirit.  We talked about the feelings and thoughts that we receive.  Afterward we knelt to ask Heavenly Father together if our message was true (the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, etc).  Usually we have the investigators pray, but for some reason I felt that I should offer a prayer for him.  The spirit was so strong!  Everyone felt it.  My companion cried and he said, "Wow, it´s hot in here" (not just because we are in Manaus) and I felt it too (physically).  I know that if we ask with a sincere heart and real intent, God will manifest the truth unto us. 

Personal Growth...
Wow, my testimony is sure growing in so many ways.  Mainly in the Atonement, the power of God, the importance of faith, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon.  Generally my love for the message of the gospel is always growing.  

Ha, ha, haI wish I could have been there to see Makayla struggle to speak English!  I'm happy for all of her growth and know that learning a new language has been especially challenging.  Way to go Makayla for focusing so hard on Portuguese!  You can definitely imagine how missionaries are blessed to learn so much. 
This week I ran into this guy in the street, and he started speaking English to me.  He had a heavy accent, but he could speak.  It was so strange!  I could hardly have a strait conversation with him (because it´s been so long since I have had a conversation in English).  It was like having an identity crisis!  What language do I speak?  Neither!  
Until Monday,

Love you all!

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This is for Chloe...Peppa Pig!

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