Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 22

So, they do absolutely nothing here in Manaus.  I guess Halloween is a bigger deal in other parts of Brazil, but not here.  I miss the seasonal festivities.  Honestly everything is great, I am feeling good and happy.    

It sounds like transfers have passed over Makayla and her Companion Sister Justino. 
Yeah, so we were supposed to get a call about transfers Saturday night ... but nothing has come?  But, I don´t think we will change anyway.  We see the President once every transfer at either a conference, or in an interview.   Without a doubt the mission is one crazy adventure, seriously.  It has been SO hard learning the language, but I think it is finally starting to come.  I have no idea where I will be on Christmas.  I think I will be transfered by then.   
This week:
The temple is always wonderful!!!  We have picked up some new investigators, (new people to teach) so we are excited about that.  We have had a week of rain, so it has been a little more refreshing.  I was asked to give a short talk on missionary work right before sacrament meeting.  I think it went fine.  I finally stopped being preoccupied with the language this transfer, so that has been a blessing!  I was blessed with peace and motivation from three things in particular this week:  The temple, music, and the members.  I know that Heavenly Father always puts these types of resources in our path.  And overall, all that we do is worthwhile, because of the Atonement of Christ.  I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true, becuase of the immense joy that it brings me!  
I hope that you all have a wonderful week!
Beautiful Palm at the Manaus Temple
Love, Makayla

Sister Missionaries Attending the Temple
What a beautiful little boy!  I would gladly share my daughter any day
to bless the life of this little guy and his family!
 This is what it is all about!!

Cool!  Makayla enjoys having her nails look nice.
This must be a real treat!

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