Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weeks 23 & 24

Week 24
November 7, 2016

A message to Makayla's niece Chloe on daily living...  
I am smashing bugs left and right ... all fear has left me.  From now on I am your bug smashing girl.  Here´s a funny story:  We don´t buy cereal very often because they have like 4 options, the milk is like 3% fat, and it´s all a little expensive.  So one day we did have cereal, and sadly some ants got to it.  Well, I wanted that cereal so badly, that I took out the ants that were easy to get to, and the rest I just ate... They are super, super, super tiny.  

This week was a good one.  I am staying in the area with Sister Justino for another transfer.  I´m excited to stay!  I hope that we will have a baptism this week!  I just want to give a quick testimony of the power and necessity of member missionaries. A "member missionary" refers to a person who is already a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and reaches out to those around them in an honest, friendly, genuine, & inclusive way.  So when they meet the missionaries they are already familiar with our beliefs.  Every single one of you is needed!  Don´t be afraid to let the missionaries share a message with a friend or family member.  It´s the most rewarding work out there!  
Love you all!

Week 24
Novemeber 14, 2016

It is very cool being in the jungle.  I catch plenty of glimpses ... it is so mysterious and the trees are huge!!!  I am dry sometimes, haha.   
What ever happened to the soccer team you were teaching? We haven´t been able to make contact with the soccer team in a while. 
The end of this month marks 6 months of Makayla being gone...so she should be home 1 year from now!!! (Not that I am wishing her time away:))I think I´ll be home for the next Thanksgiving!!!  I´ll be all nice and tan too, haha (maybe not).  Sister Justino and I are doing really well!  One little thing that I love, is when the members don´t have lunch ready for us yet, and she and I just pass a little time having good conversation(worldly, haha, like things we liked back home).  I´m afraid to follow politics when I get home, I imagine it to be quite messy.   
This week we had a baptism!!!  We had the interview Friday night, and the baptism Sunday after church.  It was a little hectic (there was a little confusion and he almost didn´t know that we were planning the baptism for this Sunday, our cellphone ran out of minutes, and we were without our ward mission leader), but all went really well!  His name is Fabio, and he is a really cool guy.  We are so very very happy that he accepted and that all went through well.  I love knowing that Heavenly Father is always in charge!  In situations big and small.  Just take a deep breath and trust in him!

Right now we are going to make some American cookies with a young couple in the ward for FHE.Family Home Evening is a family time for a gospel lesson and activity and of course with a treat!  We also have interviews with President Castro this week.  I´ll be sure to take some pictures.  

Finish this sentence: A mission is ... discovery.

Love you all, have a wonderful week,

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