Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 27

December 7, 2016 

Makayla arrived in Brazil July 5, 2016, where she first learned how to be a missionary from her trainer...Sister Lima.  She was then assigned to stay with her new companion Sister Justino and start training her!  She has been in her area for 24 weeks.  Even I have become attached to her area.  May new fiends be forever connected ♡
It is weird to think that I will probably be leaving my area.  It´s been my whole mission thus far!  It will be hard to leave so many of the people that have become my friends.  Yet, I think that it is time for a change, ya know.  

Missionaries get to skype or call home on Christmas and Mothers Day.  I can't wait!  
I´m excited for Christmas!  I hope that I will remember how to speak English out loud, haha.  Overall, I am really enjoying my time here in Brazil, serving a mission.  As time passes, I always love what I am doing a little bit more.  It´s really strange to think that the seasons are passing for you guys!  I still sweat bullets every day, haha.  

I love Makayla's advice.  It is so very applicable even outside of serving a mission.  I had been pondering something in my own heart and found this to be perfect♡
One thing that I am learning a lot about right now, is that we should never hold back!  We should always be willing to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations because we know that the Lord has got our back, and that he wants us to push ourselves and improve.  So go forward in faith!  

This week I also heard some classic Christmas music in the shopping center.  It made me so very happy!!! Well, we´re off to the temple, it is going to be fabulous!

Love you all, have a wonderful week 

Sister Long & Justino...Service on P-Day?

Just two Sisters chill'n...

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