Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 30

Merry Christmas!
Manaus Mission Christmas Conference 2016

December 26, 2016
Talking to Makayla on the phone was the absolute best!  Everything went well and we were able to chat for just over an hour.  She and her companion were able to go to another church members home and use their computer to Skype.  She was sweating and swating at a few flies.  She has developed a bit of an accent!  Her companion is adorble and the family generous. Yet, above all she was so happy and confident!  It made our hearts so glad to see our girl doing so well :)

Oh my goodness it was so wonderful to talk to you guys!!! I was a little nervous that the call would drop a lot, because we are in a really small area.  My companion says that you are also beautiful, she thinks that you are very sweet, and wants to also cook you some Brazilian food.  
Wow, it looks like you had a lovely Christmas!  I am so glad to see that you still held out all of our traditions.  I can say that, "I´ll be home for Christmas". 
Makayla mentioned that she already has her return date!...November 14 & 15
Here is a picture of our Christmas in Manaus!  I am standing next to Sister Bianelle and Sister Justino.  4th row from the bottom and 4th from the left. Her new companion is Sister Bianelle who is on the same row, 1st on the left.  I also ran into our old ward mission leader.  Goodness, I sure miss the members of my old area!!! At the conference we sang a bunch of Christmas songs as part of a program.  Anyone could attend.  I think only like 10 people showed up, but it was still really great.  I sure love the Christmas spirit!  I love reflecting on the atonement of Christ, and the grace that he extends to us all the day long.  The Christmas season is a time of joy, because this is the most joyful news that we have.  He lives!  Don´t let his sacrifice go to waste, but come to know Him and the power that he has to touch your life.  

Love you all!

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