Saturday, January 14, 2017

Week 32

January 9, 2017

So this weekend we had a baptism!  We (mostly my companion) took it upon ourselves to make one of the cakes.  Well, it totally burnt, so that was the end of that adventure.  We also went to the church building early to clean out the font.  Overall, everything went just right!  Junior (21 years old, and is actually from Rio) is one of the most firm investigators that I have worked with, so it was a great experience!  He is dating a girl who comes from a great family in the Branch.  Her dad, Irmão Miguel did the baptizing.   

January begins the rainy season.  Makayla mentioned you can see the rain coming like a wall and you could almost out run it! 
On Sunday, we woke up to a pretty heavy rain.  My companion threw out her broken umbrella, so we had to share mine, and tie trash bags around our bags, haha.  We arrived soaking wet, but hey, that is just a part of the adventure here.  

My companion and I gave talks in Sacrament meeting, and ended up teaching Principles of the Gospel at the last minute.  It was actually pretty fun throwing together a lesson as we went, ha-ha.  Yet, it was about the nature of God, so it was nothing too hard :)
More information:
The Nature of God

Ward Mission Leader:  A local church member who knows the area and can assist the missionaries in finding people who may be interested in learning from them. 
We also got a new ward mission leader!  He actually returned home from his mission this year.  Oh, and this Sunday was the first time that I attended all 3 hours/classes of church!  This was because the two branches here have been combined for only Sacrament meeting for the last 3 weeks, and I never had the chance in my last area.  

This year as a whole church we will all be re-studying teaching from a wonderful prophet...Pres. Gordan B. Hinkley.  
I learned in Relief Society: Pres. Hinckley says that...

 "It is time to be strong, to progress without hesitation, and to know well the meaning of our mission."

I love his admonition to get moving!  Whoever we are and wherever we are, we need to make the most of our time here on earth.  We need to improve our talents and our character to bless those around us, and to qualify ourselves for eternal life!  Thankfully, we can lean on the Savior as we exercise our efforts.

As I look up these fruits to learn more about them I am awed by their nutritional and protective benefits!  Before Makayla left I was concerned for her physical health.  It is neat to see how she is being blessed in food alone.
Some other happenings of the week:
I learned that I have been eating PASSION FRUIT, PAPAYA, AND GUAVA every week!  I just never knew the names of these three fruits in English, and I had never actually seen them back home, ha-ha.  

We had the best p-day today!!!  We had both breakfast and lunch with the same family again.  It was um ASOMBRO!  There also happened to be some 80´s music playing in the background ... 

Hooray!  Makayla finally got her Christmas package!!
I also got THE PACKAGE!!! It was so incredibly wonderful!  Like I said before, YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO SEND A PACKAGE!  I took my own sweet time opening and arranging everything.  Thank you, thank you!  Where did you get the idea to put together the tree?  Thank everyone for their notes!  I am loving everything.  

Love you, have a wonderful week! 

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