Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 34

 January 23, 2017

Makayla hits her 8 month of service this week!  I wanted to know her thoughts on a "mission"?  As a parent I said it is one of the proudest moments of parenthood, just to sit back and watch their testimony, courage, and service.
A mission is ... the time to put into habit the quality of the pattern of life that you want to live for the rest of your life. (Awe, your answer was so sweet, thanks :).

When Makayla was in Manaus she was able to attend the temple once every 6 weeks. Now in this new area she dosen't get the oppportunity. 
Definitely make time for the temple, I sure wish I could go every week.  I know that a lot of missionaries don´t get the chance to go.  I also don´t get to go anymore because I am serving outside of Manaus.  

The Work!
One thing that we have a really hard time with is bringing investigators to church on Sunday (and there are many less actives also).  This week we actually almost had a baptism, but it fell through.  We (us and our zone leaders) had spent Saturday night doing their baptismal interviews and teaching them.  We had also fasted for them earlier in the week.  Yet, when Sunday morning came, only the wife and one of their kids came with us to church.  This was super dissapointing because they would have been baptized as a FAMILY.  However, we were blessed with 8 investigators in sacrament meeting and a handful of less actives that we have been working with.  This happened when we had only gone looking for one.  My companion and I both cried a little!  

I love that on the mission, I find myself much more concerned with others than before.  Never have I felt such joy because others are coming to church and receiving the glorious blessings that await them there.  

Happy week :)
Love Makayla 
Is that Sister Long Standing on the banks of the Amazon!?
Beautiful Elders and Sisters

A baptism for Junior...mentioned in Week 32

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