Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 35

January 30, 2017

Time in Manaus...
This week went well :)  We were actually in Manaus until Thursday night.  We did a division with our Sister Training Leaders, watched the broadcast, and took Sister Bianelle to the hospital.  She has had stomach problems for the past transfer, so she wanted to get looked at.  All is well, but she has to watch what she eats.  

World Wide Missionary Conference...
The broadcast was sure interesting.  If you didn´t hear, they made some changes to the schedule and the weekly numbers that we report on.  It was nothing too huge, but now we have (in my opinion) a schedule a little more relaxed :)  

New Investigators!
We went to the baptism of an 8 yr old boy in the branch, and there picked up 3 more investigators!  2 are the cousins of the boy´s mom (who is also the Relief Society president).  They came to church on Sunday, and we will be teaching them tomorrow.  I am super excited!  It is a single mom and her adult son. 
Oh!  We had transfers, but there are no changes here, haha!!! 

This week I have been exlporing D&C a little bit more.  I just have to say how grateful I am for modern revelation!  How blessed we are as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to have the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, the words of modern prophets and more!!! That is a whole lot of wonderful information that the world doesn´t have.

"D&C" or Doctorine & Covenants are scripture or revelations received through Joseph Smith from God, check it out~ Doctorine & Covenants

Have a wonderful week, love you all!


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