Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 36

February 6, 2017

Talking with Makayla about some events that will need to be prepared for her return and recieved this funny response...   
It will be a shock for sure ... everyone so white and speaking in English, haha.  It is kind of funny because we (the other missionaries and I here) talk about, "when I go home ..." a fair amount.  I´m going to make you tapioca for breakfast with fried banana! 

Letters from home...
So I did get your letter about the lesson that you had with President Wilden.  I loved it!  I think your discoveries are perfect.  I also got a card from Gramy and Cindy Yates.  Can you tell her thank you for me?  That it was so thoughtful of her!  I loved to hear "Merry Christmas" from the ward members and especially their testimonies.  It is wonderful to be thought of all the way down here, and to share their light with the people all the way down here :)  

Our 6 year old niece recently asked Makayla some questions...
Yes, I have seen some VERY BIG butterflies here.  I will try to take a picture the next time I see one.  My favorite lunch is: rice, fish, salad, farinha, and .... coke, haha (shhh, don´t tell Aunt Jen).  "Farinha", means flour.  They must mix it up some how?

The Work... 
This week was only a little different with the changes.  One thing big that happened this week was that we got put into a trio.  You know how we live with one other companionship?  Well, Sister Oliveira has been having trouble with her shoulder, so she has gone to Manaus for possibly 3 weeks.  In the meantime, the three of us are covering two areas.  It´s a little crazy but also fun.  Sister Valadares is... a diva, haha.  
So we also worked with our new family a fair amount this past week.  Tomorrow we will most definitely invite them to be baptized!  We taught them the Word of Wisdom this past week, and they gave us their coffee tranquilly.  There is something here called cevada, that is super similar to coffee, but not against the Word of Wisdom.  After the lesson we left them with some cevada, and they made some to share with us.  This family is really promising, and they are integrating really well!!! 
I just want to give my humble testimony that Christ loves us deeply for the sincere efforts that we make to overcome our imperfections and to endure our trials.  He is cheering us on, and he sees perfectly the prize that is awaiting our efforts in the kingdom of our Father!  So trust Him :) Try to become like Him.  

Have a wonderful week! Love you!!!

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