Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 38

February 20, 2017

It is now the "rainy" season in Makayla's mission.  I asked her how much rain she is receiving?....And by the way she is coming into her 9th month this week!
So yes, it is "winter" here.  It rains off and on, but not that much really.  I think it will be interesting to get another president, because they are all so good.  Yes I know, 9 months!!! Thanks for the decorative letter:),  Is time going fast for you?  It is going fast for me.  I only hope that I can always be a better me/missionary with each passing day.    

Cute visitors, Pre-mission interviews...
So this week we had two girls from another city come and stay with us.  They were just so cute!  I loved hearing their stories, and getting to spend a little time with them.  On Wednesday we had interviews with President Castro, and a conference on Thursday. I loved it, of course. 

A practice lesson to the Mission Presidents wife... 
We had a great little teaching experience (Sister Valadares, Bianelle, and I).  As you probably know, missionaries have to do a lot of teaching practices.  It is one of those things that I don´t get very excited about, but I always walk away thankful for the experience.  So, we were to teach Sister Castro (President´s wife) repentance.  Needless to say, the situation made me a little nervous.  She was "Catholic", and only wanted to talk about Mary, but the lesson went really well.  We hadn´t had time to prepare anything, but it was one of those lessons truly guided by the spirit.  Because the spirit is perfect, she "accepted" baptism.  It was neat to see that we each had an important and inspired part in the lesson (that came naturally without a plan), and how we could work together.  
We all bought the same shirt to wear to the conference.  Afterward, Sister Castro had us take her to the store so that she could buy it too, haha.  
Too Cute!

Wise thoughts on the commandments...
Flavio Oliveira, a brother from my first area, made a surprise visit to Itacoatiara.  He had somehow gotten our number and took us to lunch.  He is one of the most inspired and devoted people that I have ever met.  He said something that I wanted to share with you:
           "I stay away from sin, not because I am strong,
                            but because I am weak." 
I love it!  We know our faults and our weaknesses, so we cleave unto God.  We have to remember that in order to stay safe and sound, and to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father, we have to keep the commandments.  We have to learn to love them for what they are: 
our protection
our guide,
 and our happiness.  

This next week we are going to Manaus again to do splits with the sisters.  I hope that we can slip in a temple visit?!!!

Good luck this week, I hope you have a wonderful one!  

With lots of love, 

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