Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 39

February 26, 2017

Recently a package was sent personally through a friend who was able to deliver directly to the mission home.  (Makayla is currently serving 4 1/2 hours away)  Still it waits to be delivered...  Elders only pick up mail once every transfer -6 weeks. It is with anticipation for Makayla to recieve her pakages from home!
Wow, I can´t wait to get the package!  I should get it in the next transfer when the Elders go to Manaus, or we have a conference or something.   

This week we went to Manaus ... again, to do splits.  When we first got the news we were a little disappointed because we actually haven´t been able to do much work in our areas this transfer.  Yet, of course it was a good trip.  We left Tuesday afternoon, and got back Friday evening.  The split went well, and I really enjoyed teaching the Restoration to an almost perfect investigator, with Sister River (from Ecuador).  
While we were there, we actually got to go to the temple!  This doesn´t usually happen, but it just worked out that way.  There, we met some really sweet people.  When we first arrived, we met two cute ladies who had also arrived early to the session.  One of them told us, with tears in her eyes, a heartfelt story of when she met the missionaries, and was baptized.  Another temple worker came and talked to us, who happened to be the author of a book that Sister Castro is handing out to all of the missionaries: "Pioneers of the Amazon".  He showed us a bunch of old photos of the beginning of the church here, on his tablet.  We also saw a brother, who has been called to be the mission president of the São Paulo Sul Mission this year.  Everyone here loves to talk, and so we had some good long conversations :)  I just love the people here, their personalities, their faith, their stories, and their culture.  Afterward, I ate ... SUBWAY.  I walked into that little store and felt at home.  I went all out, and bought an Italian sub, sprite, and a cookie.  It was totally expensive, but totally worth it.

This week I remembered the quote: "Have courage and be kind".  I love how simple this quote is, yet has a lot of application.  The first commandment that Christ gave us, is to love.  Action out of love, or kindness, has power because it invites the Spirit.  Christ did everything out of divine love, and so if we want to become like him, we need to take a close look at what it means to love.  Moroni explains really well what it means to have charity, and how we can obtain it.  If we truly love God, then we have the courage to do His will, and reach out to His children.  "Perfect love casteth out all fear," and the result is a happiness that we can obtain nowhere else.        

When we go back on Friday, we actually cleaned and dedicated our house.  This coming week, we will be praying and working hard for a baptism!  We have some potentials, and so we will be working with them this week.  

Love you all, have a wonderful week! 

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