Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 41

March 13, 2017

Yay!  Makayla got her package!!!
It is so weird to hear about the seasons changing.  Time is sure passing isn´t it?  Your package arrived, I just have yet to open it!!! 

A new responsibility, "Sister Training Leader"...If you're like me and not sure what that means check this link out: Sister Training Leaders
Sounds like an amazing opportunity to serve and learn!  Oh, how I wish I could be there!!
I got transferred out of Itacoatiara!  I wasn´t expecting it at all because my companion already had 6 months in the area.  Well, we were both transferred!  The area didn´t exactly close because two new sisters will be filling in our places.  I am back in Manaus as a Sister Training Leader :O.  So I definitely don´t feel ready, BUT ... I have learned well on the mission that feeling 100% capable doesn´t exist, haha.  What does exist is the power of faith unto receiving Heavenly help and growth.  I have actually already spent a day in the area doing a split with the Sister who is now my companion, Sister Rivera from Ecuador! I do like the new adjustment, and feel excited to see how I will grow.  
Growing Opportunities...
*The best way to have FUN on the mission is to allow Heavenly Father to push you, and see the results when you turn around*.  It really is the coolest process.  I can honestly say that I have a new perspective of myself because of my experiences here on the mission.  A new perspective of my potential of a daughter of God, in His very hands.  This goes for each one of us!!! I can´t explain how grateful I am for these experiences that I am having.  I love to remember that a "perfect" life doesn´t exist in mortality.  Yet our very difficulties, trials, and imperfections make part of a perfect heavenly plan.  
Sorry for the short email,  I just got back into Manaus and haven´t unpacked yet. 

Tchau! (Bye!)
Have a wonderful week! 

Love you tons!

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