Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 43

March 27, 2017
 Our ward is experienceing an amazing amount of missionaries serving right now.  One of our special friends just returned home.  Wow, I can only imagine her homecoming!  Almost every transfer I get a glimpse of the missionaries who are going home.  It looks like such a crazy experience.  I´m not sure which is bigger, leaving or coming home?  
For the first time I tried Indian food & thought Makayla would get a kick out of it...
That Indian food looks sooo good.  Something that I miss is a variety of foods.  When people ask what we eat in the States, I tell them that we eat a little bit of everything (they all think that we just eat hamburgers and stuff).   
An unofficial update upon a recent incident in Manaus
No, everything is great here, no need to worry.  It is more of a laughing matter.  
The work and a beautiful perspective on attending church.

This week was great, and really tiring!  I think I might have had a bug or something and we have been doing a ton of walking, so I was pretty beat.  But ... gosh we have so many great investigators, good members, and a very large area!  Something that I love about my companion is that she is really well focused.  She has been on the mission for 14 months, but doesn´t want to talk about going home.   We had a baptism of a little 9 yr old girl this weekend and next weekend we are planning the baptism of her cousin, who is 20.  We also have so many other possibilities!!!  After a tiring week, Sunday morning at church, following with a baptism was just what I needed :)  Many times we think that going to church is only one more thing to do at the end of the week, but really it is our reward.  
I love you all!  
Remember that there are angels about us :) 

A story of what began with a missionary & a prayer to find an investigator.  Read how it began in week 42!
Hopefully more to come...!

​You all thought that Texas Road House did a good job ... 
(We were doing a split with my previous companion on her birthday).
Happy Birthday Sister Bianelle! 

Wow, are those the materials the missionaries pass out?!

Cute pancakes!  Congratulations Sister Long with 10 months of service and Sister Rivera with 14 months!!!

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