Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 44

April 3, 2017
General Conference was held world wide this past weekend.  It is a time when our Prophet, apostles, and other church leaders speak to the members around the world on various topics of spiritual instruction that we can apply to our lives today.  With the announcement of a Temple coming to Saratoga Springs the excitement was even more special knowing that Makayla was watching from Brazil and we could still celebrate together!  I also love Makayla's try attitude and exercise of prayer to better understand conference in another language...way to go girl! 
I hope that everyone had an exciting week, especially with the news of a TEMPLE!!! What, no way!!!  It is funny trying to tell people the name of my home city, because everyone is like, "what, can you say that again," and they don´t even come close to pronouncing it.  Well now the name is a little more famous, haha.  Conference was wonderful as usual.  I´ll admit that in the beginning there were a handful of things that I didn´t understand, or at least I was having a hard time focusing (being that I was watching in Portuguese).  Yet, Sunday morning I prepared myself better by writing in my journal, thinking of questions to ponder, and praying for a little extra comprehension.   The Sunday sessions were clear, and I understood everything!  It is so neat how the little things on our part are important.  
Thoughts from General Conference...
I just loved so many things: 

  • read the scriptures (especially about Christ, and The Living Christ),  
  • look up at eternity instead of around you at mortality, 
  • the nature of the Godhead, 
  • the importance of the Spirit, 
  • how to apply the atonement, 
  • how to be happy, 
  • how to be a light, and many more!    
One quote that I really loved (or a least here is a translation from what I got) is that in hard moments think to yourself, "God knows that I know, that I have been blessed by Him".  It reminded me of  2 Nephi 4.  This was in a talk about "how to overcome the world".  Here, conference started at 12:00 and 4:00.  We had to take the bus to the stake center, so we stayed between sessions.  The Irmãs were so sweet to bring our lunch with them to the church building so that we could eat after the first session.  
A weeks work of teaching ...
This week we did a split with my very favorite Sister Valadares and her trainee Sister Rosa.  I have really missed Sister Bianelle and Sister Valadares, but I can call them because I am their STL!  Sister Valadares hasn´t been feeling well so we met with Sister Castro, and she went to lunch with us afterward.  We have been teaching a young man named Sadraque, who is from my old area (Itacoatiara), but is staying with his aunt and uncle for the rest of the school year.  He accepted baptism, and told us that he didn´t even need to pray to know if what we were telling him was true.  Well, he suddenly moved back to Itacoatiara!  How sad.  Yet, I will be making sure that the Elders there take good care of him.  Yet, we should have a baptism this week!!!  Kelly is the 20 yr old that I already talked about.  We think she is ready, and we hope and pray that all will go well this week.  She too is a great investigator who is reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church.  She is super loving!
New responsibilities of being a Sister Training Leader...

Tomorrow we have zone conference, and so Sister Rivera and I will be giving a training with President, Sister Castro, and the zone leaders.  I´m a little nervous, but everything has to go well, doesn´t it? :) 

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