Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 45

April 10, 2017

Had a good experience while attending the temple recently.  Makayla responds... 
I´m so glad that you had a good temple trip.  Heavenly Father is so merciful, isn´t He.  I really liked what you said about Him letting us know over and over agian that He exists.  Many times I want to know everything about Him and our Savior.   I want to have a perfect relationship with them.  That is totally the goal, yet understanding, knowledge, and character take time to develope.  I don´t know if this is even making sense, yet I know that we have to be patient in all things and with oursleves, and that all will work out in the end.  Just like Joseph Smith had pure desires to know the truth from the beginning, he had to be patient, growing closer to God little by little.  Until ... 

Serving as a "Sister Training Leader", Makayla had her first time teaching at a missionary training!
So this week was so crazy, but it´s always a good one.   On Monday we were studying almost all day in preparation for the training Tuesday morning.  Overall, I think that everything went well.  In our zone we have all of the Elders who work in the mission office and the Assistents.  The Zone Leaders and Assistents gave trainings also.  I learned a lot from everyone, and it was neat to see how all of the trainings fit together, and with what was said during conference, even though we didn´t talk to one another before.  We taught about how we can teach more like Christ taught.  I studied chapters 17 and 18 in 3 Nephi.  I love how Christ prepares the people to learn, and before he goes on He takes the time to pray for them and bless them.  Although Christ was perfect, beging resurected and having all power, he turns to the Father in humble prayer to bless the people.  I think this really shows how much he values each one of us.  He wants nothing less than the best for us.  We know that His prayer was perfectly sincere, because His motive was not to be heard (no one could understand or repeat His words), but His love was felt.  What would it be like to be prayed for by the Savior, and in His presence?  Well, we know that converses with the Father on our behalf every day.  

The People...
The next day we did some more splits with the Sisters in my old area.  The day went well, and we had a really wonderful lesson with two youth that we are teaching.  They are coming to Seminary, and we are teaching them there.  Rayssa, is already having her own missionary experiences and is so willing to do all that is right.  Although, her parents are not supportive of her.  We are working on arranging a vistit with them, and she got so excited at the idea.  We challenged her to fast with us, and she readily accepted.  I love the way that she learns.  She asks the best questions, as if all of the good things in the world are connecting and making sense.  
On Wednesday the Elders let us know on short notice that two Siters would be flying in to renew their visas, and would be staying with us.  One of them was Sister Rowley (my companion from the MTC)!  The other Sister arrived at midnight. 

A baptism!!  This is a wonderful story that began with a simple prayer...
That day we also had the baptizm interview of Kelly!  All went really well and she was baptized on Friday night!!!  She worked early Sunday morning, but made the effort to come to church to be confirmed, although exhausted!  I think she felt really wonderful after the baptizm.  I just kept thinking back on the day that we met her.  We had been praying individually to meet new people to teach, and I heard someone call "Sister" in the background.  I almost didn´t stop to go back!  They also have a neighbor, an older man who lives by himself, who wants to be baptized!!! He was at the baptizm, and in the church building on Sunday before anyone else.  He is going to travel this week, but we are planning his baptizm for the week after that. 

Gratitude and Faith... 
I am so very greatful for all the good that is happening here.  Sometimes it is so tiring, and therefore tricky to stay excited and energetic.  Yet it is impossible not to see that this is a special time of life, chalk full of rich experiences.   Heavenly Father never closes the windows of Heaven.  You know what the gospel of Jesus Christ does?  If we live and love it, it cures our fear, teaching us to have fun on the roller coaster of our lives, and allows us to stay happy in all times, and in all things, and in all places.  

I hope you all have a wonderful week, full of discoveries in the scriptures, growth experiences, and much joy!

Love Makayla

Missionary Training


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