Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 46

April 17, 2017
Spiritual Thoughts...
This week I was praying, really looking for some specific understanding, when I got a lot of thoughts from the Spirit about the power of the Atonement.  Christ lives!  What does this mean?  It means that there is a perfect someone, a triumphant king, who knows us better than our own mothers and closest friends.  This someone is very much alive and present in our lives.  This someone has something rather significant to offer us.  What?  Relief.  Relief from any and all.  Yet, in such a very personal way, in those moments when our hearts are crying out to someone who can share our experience.  We must know that He already stepped there, already experienced that thing.  I imagine Him kneeling beside us when we pray to Father in Heaven.  Like with the Nephites, He weeps with us, because His understanding is in unison with ours.  His sacrifice is complete.  Why is our hope shaken?  Why is our happiness not complete?  Why do we sometimes wish for different experiences?  Because Satan wants a perfectly completed sacrifice to be left in vain.  He whispers to us that somehow, the Atonement of Christ cannot help us.  Yet, I know that there is nothing left undone, unexperienced, not understood, not overcome.  For this reason, for this beautiful fact, we should not feel insecure to be hopeful and to feel happy.  He lives, and so does His power!  The key to accessing it is prayer, and doing our best to live His gospel.  What is the gospel?  The scriptures, prophets, missionaries, and members can tell us!  Isn´t that beautiful?  Just beautiful.  Let this beauty fill your life.  

I asked Makayla how her faith has grown while serving on a mission? 
You asked how my faith has grown?  How has it not?  There is no way to grow, but by experiences given to us by Heavenly Father.  For this reason, there are so many ways in which I want to improve the way I act each day.  To act on more faith.  Yet, even with our little efforts, the Lord mercifully teaches line upon line and precept upon precept.  I just want to say that I know without a doubt that ALL things are possible with faith in He who made all possible.  

The people ... 
This week it seemed that the majority of our investigators were meeting challenges.  One sweet girl, Rayssa, had a fight (or got really offended) with the cute girl who has been bringing her to church.  No one wanted to tell us the details of what had happened, and so we were having a hard time knowing how to help.  Also, we are planning a wedding and baptism on May 12, yet when we went to teach Sara and Jonas, they had also been fighting and questioning their relationship.  I knew that all things had the potential to work out, I just wasn´t sure how.  
On Sunday, everyone was in church!  And guess who came bouncing up to say hello?  Rayssa and Issa!  Together!  I have no idea how they made up, yet it made me think back to the scriptures.  Christ always tells us that we should be more like children, easy to forgive.  Then, I found Sara, and she told me that she would be starting on her wedding dress this week!!!  Again, I don´t know how they made up.  I just know that all is well.  I hugged her and almost cried.  I just want them to be a happy family, rooted in the gospel.  I see that they are looking for this happiness, and it is in their reach, they just need inspired guidance in claiming it.  I know that Satan´s power is real, and at times Heavenly Father allows us to experience its setbacks, yet His hand is always the upper one.  

I also want to testify that the hymns really are a prayer to heaven!  

 Love you all so very much, and I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter!

Sister Rivera

Sister Long

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