Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 47

April 24, 2017
We have enjoyed the company of 3 missionaries in our neighborhood lately.  On their P-day they came to play some basketball and accidently broke our hoop!  Ha,ha,ha at least there was now an opportunity to have them return.  They are a great set of young men who truly love serving and teaching about Jesus Christ and his gospel.  I asked Makayla how challenging it was to recieve a transfer when maybe teaching someone was not yet complete? 
 That is totally cool that they broke the hoop because it gave them an excuse to come back.  It is interesting how transfers work.  Usually investigators get pretty broken up, yet the ward members are like, "that´s cool, good luck," because they are already used to how many missionaries come and go.  So the good news is that you´ll usually love the next one that comes.  Yet, they can be pretty difficult.  When I left my first area (after 6 months), the only thing that got me out of there, was not to let myself THINK.  We actually had transfers today, yet we are both staying, yay!!! Also, Mother´s Day is coming up, and we´ll get to talk, and you can meet my companion!!! Do you know any Spanish?  Anyway, it sounds like you had an eventful week.  I am honestly so very very very grateful to all that these Elders are doing, and for their attention to dad. I am so very excited for your FHE!  I wish that I could be there.  

Sisters out & about...
Let me start by telling a funny story.   So we were teaching an older woman (83 yrs. old) and her son.  After the lesson, she offered us some Guaraná.  When she went inside to get it, Sister Rivera turned to me and said, "Sister, you´ll have to drink mine too because I am fasting".  I looked at her and thought, there is just no sneaky way to do that because she´ll just offer us more.  Well, she came back and handed us our glasses, and Sister Rivera totally accepted.  Lucky for her, she found an excuse to write a recipe down in her planner, and had me hold her glass for a 'second'.  So first I drank mine ... and then slowly switched hands, and started drinking hers too, ha-ha!  It must have looked like my glass was bottom-less because it took me a while to drink 'one' glass of Guaraná.  Maria (the 83 yr. old) was so involved in telling the story of how she used to sell cake, that I don´t think she noticed.  Her son, was looking in my direction, but I don´t think he noticed because he seems to have a low form of autism.  When I finished, I tried to sneak my companion´s glass back to her, and as soon as I did, the son stood up to take our drinks away.  We both started to laugh.  It was the hardest thing to keep a giant grin off of my face.  Yet, Maria just kept on telling her story, and it must have looked to her as though we suddenly got really interested in, and animated about what she was saying.  

Sorry for the short email this week, I´ll share some more experiences the next week.  

Love you all!  

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