Monday, June 5, 2017

week 48

May 4th 2017

Hey, so sorry that I didn´t email Monday.  We actually got a call from one of the assistents at like 2:15, asking us if we would like to help with "reception" in the biggest mall in Manaus for the musical by the BYU Ambassadors ... duh, ya we do :O!!!  We had to be there at 3:00, and I don´t think that I had ever gotten ready that fast in my life.  It was the coolest experience, and I´ll tell you all about it on Mother´s day, okay?

Otherwise, things are going well.  Today we are going to travel to another area to do a split.  Next week we are actually going to the temple, and Sister Rivera´s birthday is the 13th.

Happy Birthday Sister Rivera!

Here at home for teacher appreication week I was asked where in the world would you like to visit?   Hmmmm, Brazil!  So the room mom had my window decrated with a Brazilian theme.  It is difficult to see over the other decorations that were already there but it is adorable!  I have saved everything so I can hang it up on Makayla's door when she returns.  Ironically I happend to ask Makayla her desires for having us pick her up from her mission, here is what she said...
Mom, I loved your door so very much!  You´ll have to save everything, and like put it in my bedroom afterward, haha.  So about you guys coming here after the mission, I honestly hadn´t thought much about it.  I don´t even know how it would work?  So, don´t worry yourself about it.  

We have had some amazing missionaries visiting our home.  We love having the chance to feed them and visit with them.  Makayla's dad is not a member.  We hoped he was ready to learn more about the gospel, not yet. 
Another thing is about Dad.  Don´t get too discouraged, because I will tell you that I always see a road bump (something that Satan does to try to stop an investigator´s progress).  I always see it, and it almost always turns out, as if that road bump was never really that big of a problem.  Know that I am praying and fasting.  

Love you so very much, sorry for the short email yet again.  I owe you some good long stories.  
Have a wonderful week!

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