Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 49

May 10, 2017

In today's world of social media I have gained a few friends from Brazil!  It has been a neat opportunity to communicate with a few of them.  Recently I got to congratulate a young man on his own mission call!
So Kaique is a great friend!  I saw him recently at the BYU thing.  He said that you congratulated him, that´s so great!  When I get home I´ll be missing the Brazilians, so it´ll be great to give Livy a hug too.  Gosh, they are just the most receptive, loving, wonderful people!  

Mothers Day, looking forward to talking to Makayla!
I´m super excited to talk to you too !!!!!!!  What time is church for you?  Let´s try to skype in the afternoon.  I´ll try to confirm a time before Sunday, so reply now about a good time.  
It was wonderful seeing & talking to Makayla.  She is doing very well.  Her sweet companion origianlly from Ecuador prepared something to say to us but the connection was sketchy so we didn't get to hear it.  But her spirit was beautiful.  The family hosting the them was excited to try and talk to us.  I wished we could have sat together in person and simply soaked up the spirit of friendship and commonality in the gospel.  Such dear people.

Oh mom, how I have missed hearing you say "the best is yet to come".  I had forgoten all about it.  I actually started quoting that one quote from President Hinckley that says something like, "believe, be happy, don´t get discouraged, everything will work out".  I tell everyone, "tudo vai dar certo, Sister".  I´ve said it so much that I a lot of siters know me by it, haha.  It looks like we are related, or I never actually forgot :).  The sisters here are great.  There are always a few aches and pains, or trials of other sorts, but overall everyone is well.  
A baptism & connections from home...
So we had a baptizm this week!!!  Higor, is from Rio, and always makes me laugh because he comes from a "gangster" like background.  Yet, he´s super great, and making some great changes.  His baptism was definitely a miracle of the week.  Something else that happened is that I ran into someone from home in the mission office ... Mckell Clark´s grandparents!!! I overheard someone speaking in english, and when a couple came to the front, I asked them where they were from.  Utah!  One thing led to another and we found the connection.  It was such a neat experience to talk with them!  We talked about our experiences here on the mission, our family background, and such.  We actually have much in common.  They too should be going home in November, and we´ll probably be on the same flight.  Sister Castro put some things in the weekly newsletter about them a few weeks back, because they were just transfered.  It looks like they are doing a truly great work here, and I admire them greatly!

Until Sunday ❤

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