Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 55

July 3, 2017
Crazy Busy and loving it!
Well, last week was crazy busy, and this week will be even more so.  We have two wards to take care of, so our area is pretty big.  This last week we ended up with appointments/ to-do´s in both areas in the same day, more than once!  This week will be full because we will be doing two splits, back to back.  Another Sister who is going home this transfer will be coming to stay with us during the whole week.  We will have another conference with the new President, and there will be a bunch of things to buy and activities for Sister River, who will be going home next week!  Maybe it will be the craziest week of the mission!  We are also planning two or three baptisms of our own, our ward mission leader will be baptizing his daughter, and I think there will be one or two going away parties for Sister Rivera with the members.  I think the baptisms will be Saturday: Lohan, Priscila, Isabella, and maybe Luiz on Sunday.  
Lohan is 14, but has been going to church for 3 months (which is the amount of time that a minor has to investigate the church).  He has been going to seminary, and did better on the test than some of the members!  He is really smart and reads everything that we give him.  He has even already given a lesson in teacher´s quorum.  I´ll send a picture of him and his plants, because his hobby is caring for exotic plants :).  We are finally on a very friendly basis with his mom (he is an only child and doesn´t live with his dad), yet she still doesn´t show much desire to get to know the church.  Yet, of course we will continue working with her.  
Priscilla is another member of a family of less actives that we have been working with.  We helped her out with a few things, and in return she agreed to hear the discussions and come to church with us.  Yet, she is also really intelligent and seemed to take in everything that we offered her.  She has been going to church with us, she is now doing the self-sufficiency course, and has been to institute.  We had invited her to be baptized, and she didn´t even wait for us to ask her if she had made a decision.  She came to us, saying that she had received an answer in church on Sunday and while reading the Book of Mormon!  
This week we also met Alessandra, who was a referral from the Elders.  I was totally blown away by her welcome, charity and service towards us, and her faith.  She is golden!  She is even taking us to buy a few things for Sister Rivera today in the Center.  I can´t wait to start truly teaching her!
When Makayla arrived in her mission she was unable to understand President Catro or anyone else.  I think how much she has learned from he and his wife and the fondness she has gianed of them, along with the dear friendships she has made since then. Truly a deeply meaningful and rewarding experience Makayla is having. I am so grateful for the opportunity she has been given from our Father in Heaven. 
Sorry for the craziness, but back to this last week. It was great to see all of the missionaries in Manaus at our last conference with President Castro.  I think it has been 9 months since I saw my first companion, Sister J. Lima!  It was so much fun to see so many faces that I love.  It was bitter sweet to hear from President and Sister Castro.  I think we had all been well prepared to see them go, though.  I mean to say that we have been talking about it for a while.  The best part was singing our mission hymn.  I don´t think that it has ever been sung so well, heartfelt, and loud before!!!  We will sure miss them.  What a lasting impression they have made on us :).
Well, hope you have a wonderful week!

With lots of love!

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