Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 56 - 57

July 10, 2017
Transfers...Makayla's companion, Sister Rivera whom she has been with for 18 weeks just finished her mission and retruned home.  I am guessing she has stayed in Manaus because only those missionaries get to attend the temple.  Even in such a short letter she sounds good and very busy!
I´m sorry to send such a quick email this week, today we are headed to the temple!!!  You´ll never guess who my new companion is ... you´ll have to wait for pictures.  We had two baptisms this weekend, and how they were special!  I think I will have more time to write next week.  It was hard to say goodbye, in a rush, to Sister Rivera, but I hope that she is having a wonderful time coming home.  
Love you all so very much! 

                                                                              July 17, 2017
Makaylas new companion is Sister Justino.  This was her 2nd companion. Makayla was her trainer.  I remember how much Makayla enjoyed working with her and laughing with her.  They will be great! 
So just to clear things up I am in the same area as a STL with ... Sister Justino!  I love our new mission president and Sister Caetano!  He is pretty direct and isn´t afraid to ask if we studied in the morning, haha.  I think that he will do our mission a lot of good!  
That is great that you are filling your days well :)  That is what summer is for after all.  
This week was yet another busy week with temple (again!), mission counsel, and interviews with President.  We are teaching a cute little Senhora (Mrs)who has decided to be baptized!
So this week we will be working hard, and we´ve already been getting ourselves organized with more creative ideas of how to be better STLs and help our sisters this transfer.  
Miss you all and hope that you have an amazing week!   Love you! 

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